Lipids and membranes

This video focuses on the topic lipids and membranes . Its quite long 52 minutes all together . It starts off slowly by defining what are lipids

Lipids are non polar hydrophobic compounds that are soluble in organic solvents .most membrane lipids are amphiphatic having a polar and non polar end . it shows the various functions and types of lipids and fatty acids
Lipids are distinguished by their high solubility in non polar
solvents and low solubility in H2O
● Diverse group of compounds including Fats, Oils, Waxes, some
vitamins and hormones and most non-protein components of
Lipids are amphipathic molecules that can be:
(A) Major components of biological membranes
● membranes define the basic unit of life (cell) and subcellular
compartments (eucaryotes)
● includes cholesterol
(B) Major form of stored energy in biological systems
● lipids are largely reduced compounds; complete oxidation of lipids
generates lots of energy
(C) Hormones
● signal transduction between cells

types of lipids :

Fatty acids: principal building
blocks of complex lipids

Waxes: esters of fatty acids
(heat sensitive)

Triacylglycerols: membrane
precursors, energy storage

membrane components

Sphingolipids: brain lipids,
membrane components

Steroids: cholesterol, bile
salts, steroid hormones
Fatty acids : Composed of a carboxylic acid “head group” and a long hydrocarbon
– tail generally contains an even number of carbon atoms
● Hydrocarbon tail can be saturated or unsaturated
– unsaturated hydrocarbon tails contain one or more double bonds

This video was very long and tedious and her accent was somewhat hard to understand . I din not enjoy watching this video . Although it covered the topic of lipids and membranes thoroughly i was not enthused to learn. compared to the other videos on youtube such as Mr.JM videos , i rather watch those as his voice is much more soothing and he doesn’t have an accent . He teaches much better and makes learning enjoyable and easy


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