1)__________ are macromolecules that are made up of repeated molecules of glucose.

2)At physiological pH, amino acids are zwitterions. Which of the following is a zwitterion?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D


Collagen, a major component of skin and bone, is a fibrous protein with repeating units of Pro-Gly-X or Hyp-Gly-X. Collagen has strength because the structure is:

A.         Web like

B.         Three interlaced helices forming a rope

C.         An a-helix

D.         A b-sheet

E.         A b-barrel


Proteins must fold into their final structures to be functional. Which of the following statements are not true?

A.         Protein tertiary structure is determined by the primary sequence.

B.         Hydrophobic amino acids are buried in the interior.

C.         Structural motifs such as aa or bb act as seeds around which the rest of the protein folds.

D.         Helper proteins called chaperones may assist protein folding.

E.         Folding begins with disulfide bond formation.


Triacylglycerols are a cellular metabolic fuel. Which of the following are true of triacylglycerols?

A.            They are polar, hydrophobic molecules.

B.            Most triacylglycerols have three fatty acid groups that are identical.

C.            They should be completely eliminated from the human diet.

D.            Triacylglycerols from animals are solids at room temperature while those from plants are liquid.

some easy questions


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