Animation – Endosymbiosis,

this animation clearly illustrates the theory and make it easy for us to understand hope it helps ūüėČ


is it just a theory – the endosymbiotic theory.

endosymbiotic theory in my own words states that the organelles inside the cell used to be separate prokaryotic organisms. now, some big cells took these prokaryotic organisms inside and they live happily ever after ūüôā

evidence? mitochondria has its own dna. it is different from the cell nucleus. furthermore, mitochondria can undergo binary fission. just like what prokaryotic organisms can do!

the cells that changed the world

most of the earths ¬† oldest cells on are ¬†in fact single-cell organisms known as ¬†bacteria. ¬†the fossil records illustrate the earth was totally covered and immersed ¬†with mounds of bacteria. Some of these bacteria ¬†commenced producing ¬†their own food utilising ¬†carbon dioxide¬†obtained¬†from the ¬†atmosphere and energy they absorbed ¬†from the sun. This process is known as ¬†photosynthesis which ¬†produced enough oxygen to change Earth’s atmosphere. subsequently , new oxygen-breathing life forms came onto da ¬†scene. A new population of increasingly diverse bacterial life, the stage was set for some amazing things to happen.

what are cells ?!?!

 what are cells guys ???   Cells may be defined as  the structural and functional units of all living organisms.

Some organisms, for example such  as bacteria, are unicellular, that consists  of a single cell.

Other organisms, such as humans, are¬†multicellular, or have many cells‚ÄĒan estimated 100,000,000,000,000 cells!!!!!! ūüėģ

Each cell  is an amazing world unto itself has countless functions and roles :

  • it can take in nutrients
  • convert these nutrients into energy
  • carry out specialized functions
  • ¬†and reproduce as necessary.
  • Even more amazing is that each cell stores its own set of instructions for carrying out each of these activities.

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