biochemistry? whats that ?

whats biochemistry you ask  ?  it is the science in which chemistry is applied to the study of living organisms and the atoms and molecules which comprise living organisms.

Each part of every living being is biochemically connected.

Biochemistry is at the heart of life science. It is a fascinating, diverse and sprawling discipline; which makes it near impossible to pigeon-hole or define concisely. Many look upon biochemistry as a science that underpins and explains the essential processes of life, impacting on:

  • Biotechnology and bioinformatics
  • Cell biology and signalling
  • Development and disease
  • Energy and metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Molecular biology
  • Plant biology

carbs quiz tutorial

last week friday , sir held a quiz in our tutorial session. it was awesome and soo much fun . i really enjoyed it and it was very educational as well . i must say mr. mathews is very creative and an excellent teacher . i really enjoy his lectures and his method of teaching .

the quiz was like a game show the class was split into 2 groups where he tested us randomly on topics . i learnt alot as well as i was able to review some topics .